This Argument Over iPhone Being Better Than Android Is Getting Old

by - April 28, 2017

While both Android and iOS have matured over the years to become powerful platforms, people are still obsessed over which one is better. The answer to that question is so subjective. The article above touts a bunch of false claims. But are they really false or were they the writer's experience?

For example, the article says that the iPhone has better hardware and software integration. It justifies this by a touch sensitive display and haptic feedback on a none moving home button. Let me introduce the Galaxy S8 to you lol. End of discussion.

Next it goes on to explain that iOS is easier to use than Android. Are we really saying that now? Any setting you need to change in the phone is multiple taps away and even hidden in menus. How about the back button being in the top left of the screen? That is so not used friendly. I wouldn't say either one is easier to use than the other. I think if you are new to either platform you will go through a learning period.

iOS had some great advantages, especially in app development. Apple Pay though is no advantage haha. It is finally starting to take off. But in order for it to work companies have to upgrade all of their equipment. Samsung Pay is way superior. It works everywhere. My card wouldn't swipe at a food truck. Samsung pay to the rescue. The 20 something year old was like sorry we don't accept Apple Pay. I laughed at him, which isn't his fault. Apple did an amazing job marketing Apple Pay. He was blown away by my Samsung phone.

Anyways, there are always two sides to everything. What works well for one person may not work well for another. My wife has always loved her iPhone. So she says... However after having it for 6 months wasn't able to update to a newer version because of space issues. Now her iPhone 6 constantly freezes and you have to turn the screen off and back on before it will work again. So everyone may end up having issues. It's a computer they aren't perfect and they go through a ton of usage. Pick your poison iOS or Android.

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