Fitbit Is Struggling

by - February 01, 2017

Just saw this article on Slashgear about Fitbit having a rough 4th quarter. I'm not Onebit surprised.
So I bought one of these devices in December 2015 for my wife. It was $99 freaking dollars. All it did was count her steps and vibrate if she sat too long. Which it never did since she's a preschool teacher and always running around at work. For $99? That's ridiculous.
Either way she barely used it since it was more of a task to keep it charged and remember to put it on in the morning. To make matters worse this Christmas she found a competitor version on Wish for $20. Except this has the time and heart rate monitor built in.
Why pay more when you can get the same thing for less. Fitbit has to find a way to stand out and provide a product for value. Just my opinion...

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