Google Releases Allo. Another Messaging Platform

by - September 22, 2016

If there wasn't already enough apps Google provided for you to send someone a message, here is one more.
Allo is basically a competitor to Whatsapp. Instead of using your Gmail account like hangouts, it uses your phone number. That's basically it, there's nothing spectacular about it. In an attempt to draw you away from Kik, Whatsapp, and other messaging platforms Google has introduced Assistant. Siri and Alexa were already taken. And after a breif civil war, lots of paper cuts and staple wars Google settled on Assistant...
Assistant is there to answer questions you and your friends may want to know while chatting. Like where they could go for dinner. Answers to questions like how many times a day does a cat shit. It's pretty much a gimmick. However, I could see in rare cases that it will actually get some use.
The app is still in its infancy and I only have one friend on the app. With the right marketing and Google shoving it down our throats for a year I can see more people using this. I'll go ahead and reinstall it next year when it might be a little more useful then.

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