Sunday, February 19, 2017

Still Waiting For Android 7

Saw this on the Daily Star. I've been waiting as patiently as I can to receive Android 7 on my Samsung Galaxy S7. I'm on AT&T, so I really had no hope from the beginning.

Samsung is finally pushing the update to S7's globally. However, if a device was purchased through a mobile carrier and not directly from Samsung the wait is still on.

You could go the route on XDA and flash it to your device. Many people are having success with that. While others are noticing high battery drain. I started to go that route but decided against it last minute. Here is what I did instead and I'm actually loving it.

I haven't used Nova Launcher in years. Android Authority has a great write up on how to have a very responsive Android Nougat launcher look alike. No flashing required.

This will hold me over for now... But if you can't wait and want to have fun go here at your own risk:

Otherwise ATT should have this update for us within a month fingers crossed. Once Samsung has an update the carrier's have to test it before they can release it to their customers. After all if something were to go insanely wrong with the update the back lash would be aimed at the carrier's. Many people like myself maintain their business with their phones. So I understand the caution. Just wish they moved a little faster.

Thursday, February 2, 2017

Nintendo Switch Releasing With Only One Game

Who's buying the switch for Zelda? The 30 year old that grew up playing this on the original NES? When I first saw the ad for the Switch I was stoked. My thought was my son will love this! But Zelda? That's not his thing. So how am I supposed to justify spending $300 on a gaming system with one game to the wife?
It's a joke. There is no point in purchasing this system when it's first release unless you are a fan of Zelda. The concept is great and this system will ultimately be crazy successful. But come on man! Ya can't release a system with just one game.
What do you guys think? Anyone grabbing this day one?

Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Fitbit Is Struggling

Just saw this article on Slashgear about Fitbit having a rough 4th quarter. I'm not Onebit surprised.
So I bought one of these devices in December 2015 for my wife. It was $99 freaking dollars. All it did was count her steps and vibrate if she sat too long. Which it never did since she's a preschool teacher and always running around at work. For $99? That's ridiculous.
Either way she barely used it since it was more of a task to keep it charged and remember to put it on in the morning. To make matters worse this Christmas she found a competitor version on Wish for $20. Except this has the time and heart rate monitor built in.
Why pay more when you can get the same thing for less. Fitbit has to find a way to stand out and provide a product for value. Just my opinion...

Friday, September 23, 2016

Now Introducing Amazon Echo Dot

If you haven't already heard about Amazon's new product Echo Dot check out this video from Mashable.

Amazon's Echo Dot

It's on sale right now for $49.99

Thursday, September 22, 2016

Google Releases Allo. Another Messaging Platform

If there wasn't already enough apps Google provided for you to send someone a message, here is one more.
Allo is basically a competitor to Whatsapp. Instead of using your Gmail account like hangouts, it uses your phone number. That's basically it, there's nothing spectacular about it. In an attempt to draw you away from Kik, Whatsapp, and other messaging platforms Google has introduced Assistant. Siri and Alexa were already taken. And after a breif civil war, lots of paper cuts and staple wars Google settled on Assistant...
Assistant is there to answer questions you and your friends may want to know while chatting. Like where they could go for dinner. Answers to questions like how many times a day does a cat shit. It's pretty much a gimmick. However, I could see in rare cases that it will actually get some use.
The app is still in its infancy and I only have one friend on the app. With the right marketing and Google shoving it down our throats for a year I can see more people using this. I'll go ahead and reinstall it next year when it might be a little more useful then.

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

My First Post In This Empty Box

For being two years old this Box is pretty empty... I think I should put something in it so that it has a reason to exist. Empty rooms creep me out.

For those that haven't been here before welcome! I typically write about a wide range of topics. Sometimes I write about very polarizing and touchy subjects. Other times, most often then not, I share my take on tech news and share gadgets I find while playing on Twitter.

Today is the first day of the rest of my blog... may it live long and prosper...